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Looking for a YA novel for a teen / young adult? Hunt for Night Wolf, a personalized werewolf romance for fans of sexy, supernatural thrillers!

Night Wolf: Werewolf Romance for Teens

Night Wolf is an adaptation of Fierce Moon, with younger characters and less steamy romance than its adult counterpart. The heroine is a high school senior, and the hero is about 21. This version is appropriate for ages 14 and up. If it were a film, it would be rated PG-13. (Mostly for violence... it's a mystery/thriller. But there's nothing too graphic!)

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About personalized novels:

Book By You® personalized novels are full-length books where the main character(s) can be customized. You choose the first and last names, eye color, hair style, length and color, and other special features. In Fierce Moon and Night Wolf, you can also add a pet type / pet name, favorite drink, and even hometown.

In addition to the characters, you can add a dedication within the book, upload a photo for the back cover, and choose the names visible on the front and/or back cover. All books are available in paperback or hardcover.

Fierce Moon and Night Wolf:
Personalized werewolf romance novels make perfect gifts for fans of suspense, time travel, and paranormal romances!

Fierce Moon
Available in paperback or hardcover. You can even
add a custom photo to the back cover!


Fierce Moon (for adults) and Night Wolf (for YA fans/teens) are personalized romantic suspense novels available only through Book By You, the premiere publisher of personalized books for adults, teens, and kids.

In these one-of-a-kind novels, you choose the heroine, the hero, and our heroine's best friend. If you love gothic romance or mysteries, or know someone who does, these books make unique gifts. Fierce Moon is perfect for fans of Sherlock Holmes (whether you prefer Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Brett or Basil Rathbone!), Teen Wolf, Penny Dreadful / Carnival Row, Legacies, True Blood, The Infernal Devices, Twilight, paranormal romances, suspense, historical novels, or even steampunk / gaslight romances. And they're now only $9.95 for an instantly downloadable eBook!

Ever wanted to step inside the role of a romantic hero or heroine? Now you can, because you choose the lead roles in these suspenseful paranormal romances!

Fierce Moon begins when a librarian who's addicted to mystery novels discovers an antique book that holds a spell...and possibly a curse.

Our heroine leads a pleasant but predictable life, finding her excitement in the pages of her favorite thrillers. When a friendly stranger lends her a rare 19th century book about a real-life series of unsolved crimes, our heroine can't wait to dive in to this immersive tale...especially when she spies an illustration of a captivating man with a mysteriously haunting gaze.

But once she turns the pages, she's immediately swept back in time to 1892 England, landing in the midst of a sadistic criminal's reign of terror! At night, the streets of London belong to an elusive killer who's targeting newcomers to the city. The locals call him 'The Beast'—and our modern librarian might be the next victim.

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Your challenge: investigate the vicious killer
roaming the streets each full moon without becoming his prey!

Suspecting a Jack the Ripper copycat, our heroine struggles to fit in as a Victorian lady while seeking answers to the crimes. She soon clashes with one of the investigators on the case: a brilliant, sophisticated and somewhat arrogant consulting detective a la Sherlock Holmes... whom she recognizes as the captivating man from the book illustration!

She's intrigued by the detective's secretive nature—not to mention drawn by their immediate heated chemistry—and the more he tries to keep his distance, the closer their bond grows. Soon she's nearly as obsessed with solving the riddle of his existence as with capturing the murderer who's stalking the neighborhood.

The mysteries collide when our heroine realizes that the trail of clues in the murder investigation leads right to the hero's door. Is the detective's elegant facade hiding a monstrous criminal? Has our heroine given her heart...and a beast?

From a glittering opera gala to a creepy Victorian morgue, from wealthy but warped sophisticates to poor but savvy urchins, and from one man's supremely rational mind to the savage desperation of a prowling, unearthly creature...Fierce Moon takes you on a sexy, haunting journey.

And remember, it's personalized! So whether you play the role of our brave, determined heroine, the enigmatic, tortured hero, or the heroine's mysterious yet kind friend, you'll find yourself in the thick of this unique romantic thriller! Fierce Moon can be purchased from for only $39.95 (paperback), $59.95 (hardcover), or only $9.95 for instantly downloadable eBook.

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